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2023 Surfing New Zealand Annual Report

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The Surfing New Zealand AGM was held last weekend (18/11/23) attended both online and in person by a number of stakeholders.
Please below for key points and a link to the 2023 Annual Report

Looking back, 2023 was a big year for Surfing New Zealand (SNZ) in and out of the water. Importantly, with the removal of Covid restrictions the team could deliver on its vision, purpose and daily mission – to enrich lives by creating experiences that share the aroha of surfing.

The board continued to focus on developing the organisation’s governance, leadership and operational frameworks. A number of new policies and tools have been implemented to improve governance and reporting. An important contributing factor is the balance of experienced and new directors each with diverse skills, experience and capabilities.

Our domestic event calendar was filled with 19 national events which reached from Auckland to Dunedin. 2,125 entries were recorded across the season from the Primary School Champs through to the National Championships, the Grom Series, Longboard Series and NZ Surf Series

  • 19 National Events, 2,125 Entries
  • 530 Competitive Members
  • 78% Male / 22% Female
  • 63 Event Staff
  • Biggest Event – National Championships – 439 Entries
  • 2023 NZ Grom Series Voice of Participant Survey
    • Event Experience – 7.8/10
    • Event Management – 7.6/10
    • Net Promoter Score – 24
  • 2023 NZ Grom Series Voice of Participant Survey
    • Event Experience 7.6/10
    • Event Management – 7.4/10
  • Event Experience 7.8
  • Event Management 7.6
  • NPS 24

Work within the participation and community focus area stretches across the country through initiatives led by Surfing New Zealand and the network of boardrider clubs and surf schools. Valuable feedback was provided from the network of 35 boardrider clubs this year via the annual survey.

2023 Boardrider Club Survey

  • Satisfaction with Surfing NZ 7.3/10
  • Surfing NZ Governance 7.3/10
  • Surfing NZ Operational Capability 7.0/10
  • Relationship with Surfing NZ 8.0/10
  • Communication from Surfing NZ 8.1/10
  • Boardrider Club Feedback – “We have always been well supported by Surfing NZ”

Watching Saffi Vette and Billy Stairmand capture the Oceania continental qualifying positions for Paris 2024 (Tahiti) was certainly a highlight of the year. As we move into our second Olympic Games, it is becoming evident that the World Surfing Games event prior to an Olympic year is the second pinnacle event of the Olympic cycle. We look toward Paris 2024 with interest and the chance of qualifying further athletes at the 2024 World Surfing Games in February next year.

  • 5x Podiums – WQS Events
  • 3x Event Victories – WQS Events
  • 2x ISA Podiums
  • 4x National Teams Competing Overseas
  • 2x Athletes Qualified for Paris 2024
  • 3x International Judges

Our central government support through Sport New Zealand and High Performance Sport New Zealand and The New Zealand Olympic Committee play a major role in supporting our athletes for success. Community Trusts are the financial backbone of most sport in New Zealand and they make a considerable contribution to SNZ. A big thanks goes to New Zealand Community Trust, Lion Foundation, Pub Charity and Aotearoa Gaming Trust for their direct support and the support of boardrider clubs around the country. Volkswagen and Better Beer backed our events in 2023 alongside staunch support from the surf industry who make our event programme possible.

SNZ is a small organization with a staff of three; however there are hundreds of contractors and volunteers. A special thanks goes to our board that has brought fresh and diverse thinking, and used their experience and capabilities to help the sport and SNZ move forward.

Boardrider Club and Surf School Detail

  • 35 Clubs (up 4)
  • 7 Clubs using Live Heats Membership Software
  • 773 Club Volunteers
  • 28 Accredited Surf Schools
  • 1,396 ISA Level 1 Surf Instructors (96 new in 2023)
  • 70 ISA Level 2 Surf Instructors (8 new in 2023)

Initiatives and Programmes

  • 712 Surfers Rescue 24/7 participants (155 new)
  • 12 Surfers Rescue 24/7 courses in 2023
  • 1,036 students from 26 schools – Wave Warriors Learn to Surf
  • 11 Adaptive Surfing Days Delivered

Click here to download the 2023 SNZ Annual Report


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