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Past Champions – Senior Men’s


Year Venue Name Over 35 Over 40 Over 45 Over 50 Over 55 Over 60
1980 Whangarei T Kennings N/A
1982 Mt Maunganui K Rennie N/A
1983 Christchurch K Rennie N/A
1984 Gisborne J Gisby N/A
1985 New Plymouth V Treacy N/A
1986 Piha V Treacy N/A
1987 Gisborne J Gisby K Rennie
1988 Mt Maunganui M Foley J Gisby
1989 Mt Maunganui M Foley J Gisby
1990 Dunedin M Foley G Page J Gisby
1991 Piha P Shanks V Treacy J Leslie
1992 Gisborne I Buchanan J Gisby G Clement
1993 Gisborne/Piha I Buchanan J Gisby G Page B Rasby
1994 Dunedin T Barton M Perena J Gisby D Timms
1995 New Plymouth T Deken J Lovell J Gisby W Arthur
1996 Gisborne L Kennings R von Huben J Gisby T Ogilvy
1997 Westport P Harris J Gisby P Hattersley R Rust D Pimm
1998 Kaitaia T Schaffer N Robb J Gisby R Rust E Rare TBC
1999 Dunedin J Gisby J Gisby J Leslie TBC
2000 Gisborne T Schaffer G Hutchieson J Gisby J Gisby G Breckell E Rare TBC
2001 New Plymouth J Lellman A Jordan J Gisby T Deken T Ogilvy R Hawthorne TBC
2002 Raglan L Fisher I Buchanan J Gisby J Gisby R Rust TBC TBC
2003 Dunedin C Millet I Buchanan I Buchanan J Gisby G Carse TBC TBC
2004 Piha L Fisher G Hutchison G Shuker J Gisby J Gisby TBC TBC
2005  Opunake  B Kennings  C Sheriff  R Hale  J Gisby  J Gisby TBC TBC
2006  Ahipara  B Kennings  S Collier  S Matthews  R Welch  J Gisby TBC TBC
2007  Taranaki  D Kereopa  J Matthews  J Matthews  J Gisby  J Gisby TBC TBC
2008  Gisborne  D Gunness  M Groube  M Fitzharris  J Gisby  J Gisby TBC TBC
2009  Piha  B Stewart  D Hishon  R Lasch  G Shuker  J Gisby  J Gisby TBC
2010  Gisborne  J Hancox  James Fowell  R Lasch  G Shuker  J Gisby  J Gisby TBC
2011 Dunedin J Hancox B Kennings N Robb B Young M Perana G Carse TBC
2012 Piha J Quinn B Kennings M Fitzharris G Hutchison G Pike J Gisby B Hutchings
2013 Piha B Tipene M Quinn S Coffey M Fitzharris P Wallis B Collier C Barron
2014 Gisborne C Malone C Malone M Groube B Young J Roussey B Collier J Gisby
2015 Piha D Kereopa D Kereopa S Casey R Lasch G Hutchison J Williams J Gisby
2016 Dunedin F Dickson J Hancox M Christensen M Cronin N Robb K Nicholses M Gray
2017 Piha C Malone C Malone M Moore P Willoughby D Mann G Pike D Storck
2018 Gisborne N White J Hancox M Quinn M Groube G Hutchison D Brunker J Gisby
2019 Taranaki J Hancox L Kerr M Schafer G Hutchison C Blain P Wallis J Gisby
2021 Piha S Peggs T Kibblewhite P Braithwaite M Moore R Lasch G Hutchison J Gisby
2011 Dunedin L Morgan
2012 Piha A Jolly
2013 Piha A Jolly
2014 Gisborne J Nicolson
2015 Piha A Jolly
2016 Dunedin T Civil
2017 Piha D Henderson
2018 Gisborne L Te Moananui D Henderson N/A N/A G Samson M Vujcich K Steed
2019 Taranaki T Durham H Easterbrook D Henderson L Orton M Vujcich N/A N/A
2020 Dunedin H Pascoe T Civil A Reardon D Henderson N/A N/A M Vujcich
2021 Piha R Ruddell S Leece J Schofield A Jolly N/A N/A M Vujcich
2023 Piha J Hancox M Scorringe K Rowson A Robinson D Kiwi R Lasch Thegn Ladefoged


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