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Past Champions – Men’s


Year Location Open Under 18 Under 16 Under 14
1963 Mt Maunganui P Way W Butt
1964 Mt Maunganui J McDermott A Byrne
1965 New Plymouth R Davie W Parkes
1966 Gisborne W Parkes A Byrne
1967 Gisborne W Parkes A Byrne
1968 Christchurch W Parkes A Byrne
1969 New Plymouth W Parkes C Ransley
1970 Gisborne/New Plymouth W Parkes B Goodwin/K Fawcett
1971 New Plymouth A Byrne K Jarrett
1972 Gisborne G Gantley R Strahl
1973 Westport event cancelled event cancelled
1974 Piha G Gantley
1975 Piha/Gisborne B Hutchings
1976 Piha A Byrne
1977 Piha A Byrne G Rhodes
1978 Dunedin T Deken G Rhodes
1979 Gisborne A Byrne
1980 New Plymouth T Deken M Glover
1981 Whangarei T Deken R Hale I Byrne
1982 Mt Maunganui N Abbott S Glover R Griffin
1983 Christchurch I Buchanan G McKenzie R Griffin
1984 Gisborne I Buchanan S Colbert P Armor
1985 New Plymouth I Buchanan E Saunders A Fisher
1986 Piha I Buchanan W Lowen D Boonarts
1987 Gisborne I Buchanan D Boonarts C Daly
1988 Mt Maunganui J Matthews W Lowen M Fisher
1989 Mt Maunganui G Campbell C Daly T Rosenfedlt
1990 Dunedin L Kennings C Rumble O Barnes
1991 Piha L Kennings O Barnes T Hirst
1992 Gisborne M Mataa M Mataa M Quinn
1993 Gisborne/Piha T Hirst N Baron D Gunness
1994 Dunedin J Matthews D Gunness D Gunness
1995 New Plymouth B Hutchinson D Kereopa B Stewart G Robinson
1996 Gisborne M Quinn D Kereopa L Harwood J Quinn
1997 Westport A Robinson J Earnshaw S Deken J Quinn
1998 Kaitaia C Malone J Souter S Deken B Hansen
1999 Dunedin M Schaffer J Quinn J Quinn B Hansen
2000 Gisborne M Quinn D Carse B Hansen N Welch
2001 New Plymouth M Dovey B Hansen M Banks R Christie
2002 Raglan D Gunness D Scott M Roberts R Christie
2003 Dunedin B Stewart O Adams R Christie J Porter
2004 Piha M Quinn N Welch R Christie R Hawker
2005 Opunake R Christie R Christie T O’Connor R Hawker
2006 Ahipara M Quinn KVD Helder P Divers K Pitcher
2007 Taranaki D Kereopa P Divers R Hawker T Wallis
2008 Gisborne J Quinn S Peggs A Dive T Wallis
2009 Piha M Hewitt R Hawker D Normon E Paerata
2010 Gisborne B Stairmand J Hicks B Poulter E Paerata
2011 Dunedin J Quinn B Poulter D Kennings M Scott-Arrieta
2012 Piha B Stairmand T Wallis D Kennings M Scott-Arrieta
2013 Piha J Quinn E Paerata – Reid K Hutchings K Butler
2014 Gisborne B Stairmand D Kennings J Tawharu K Butler
2015 Piha B Stairmand K Butler K Butler K Horne
2016 Dunedin B Stairmand E Brown K Horne T Robinson
2017 Piha B Stairmand J Tawharu C Cutmore K Cooper
2018 Gisborne R Christie C McLennan K Cooper J Willougby
2019 Taranaki B Stairmand C Cutmore T Butland A Malone
2020 Dunedin E Paerata – Reid Jack Lee F Vette A Owen
2021 Piha Billy Stairmand Finn Vette
2022 Westport Daniel Farr Rakiatea Tau J Tyro
2023 Piha Dune Kennings N Malone A Owen V Kokemper


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