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ISA Surf Instructors Course – Level 2

The International Surfing Association (ISA) Level Two Surf Instructors Course is aimed at coaches that want to learn theory and training activities to coach surfers of novice to intermediate surfing level. That is, coaches who want to help developing surfers improve their basic ocean awareness and teach or improve the foundation surfing manoeuvres of surfing.

You must have held an ISA Level 1 Coaching Award for a minimum of twelve months and have a good level of surfing ability i.e. be able to perform basic cutbacks, floaters and re-entries. The ISA Level 2 Instructors Course allows surf coaches to operate their own SNZ Approved surf school/coaching business.

The Course
The ISA Level Two Surf Instructors course runs over two days.

Video coaching & analysis

Day 1 (8:30am – 5:00pm)
Training surfers – a holistic approach
Planning & Risk Management
Understanding the Judging Criteria
Principles of Training
Elements of Fitness
Development and Maturation Surfing Injuries
Lifestyle and Nutrition
Sport Psychology

Day 2 (8:30am – 5:00pm)

Balance & Force
Fundamental Movements in Surfing

Balance & Force

Movement Patterns of Core Moves
Common Errors
Novice Surfing Skills
Analytic Skills for Surf Coaches

Simulation Training
Video Coaching
The Accreditation Process

Morning tea and lunch are provided. Attendees need to find their own accommodation.  Attendees need to bring their surfing gear and a pen.

Surfing Ability
Participants will be required to surf for 30 minutes to ascertain their surfing ability. All participants must be able to perform basic surfing manoeuvres. That is catch waves, stand and ride their waves with basic turns (cutback, re-entry, floater). You do not need to have advanced surfing skills to be eligible to become an ISA Level Two Surf Instructor. However, you do need to be a competent surfer to understand the process that your future students are going through and be able to advise them accordingly.

Training techniques

Post Course Requirements

To become accredited you will need to:
Have held the ISA Level 1 Surf Coaching qualification for a minimum of 12 months
Complete the two day course
Plan and implement 40 hours of coaching for a group of surfers and document this training in an assignment booklet (post course)
Undertake an online ISA coaching competencies exam (post course) The link will be emailed to you.
Hold the Surf Lifesaving Surf Instructors award, Surf Instructors Community Lifesaving Award or equivalent  (pre or post course)
Hold a current First Aid Certificate (pre or post course)

The course costs $600 (GST inc) per person ($700 with 2 nights accommodation)

2024 Level 2 Course date TBC September, Raglan

If you have any further questions email Surfing New Zealand Development Manager  lee.ryan@surfingnz.co.nz.

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