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Surfs Up for 10th year of Summner Longboarders SURFable Sessions event

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22 January 2024

From:     Sumner Longboarders Club
Sport:    Surfing
Event:    SURFable Sessions Event
Dates:    11/02/2024
Location: Sumner, New Zealand

Surfs Up for 10th year of Sumner Longboarders SURFable Sessions event

Next month, for the 10th year, the Sumner Longboarders Surf Club will once again hit Scarborough beach with their “SURFable Sessions event”. Every year around February, (this year on Sunday the 11th of Feb), this passionate group provides an opportunity for those with a wide variety of physical, sensory, developmental or behavioural/emotional impairments, to experience the surfing ‘stoke’

* in a safe and supportive environment. Longboarder, Pete Mannix, says the joy that’s generated is heartwarming, and being a part of it for all involved is very special. “Many have never had the opportunity to experience being in the ocean before,” he says.

“It is a huge event for the surfers, their families and the army of volunteers who give up their day”. The rewards are the boundless smiles, hoots of laughter and tears of happiness which are shed by all involved. Surfers register through schools and various community support groups, and Pete says there are always more people interested in taking part than the group can get through in a day.

There are 48 surfers confirmed for this year. “We couldn’t do this without the huge army of volunteers from the club, the wider community and a core group of sponsors some who have been onboard since day one. Every participant needs at least seven people in the water with them, plus all the on-land side of things like registrations, wetsuits and the all-important BBQ, that warms them up when they get out,” he says.

The longboarders get all surfers riding the surfboards in one form or another, with some sitting, others either lying prone or standing up (depending on their ability). “Some just float on boards and others get to stand up,” says Pete. “But they all feel like they’re surfing, and the enjoyment and sense of achievement they experience is magic.”


For more information please contact Pete Mannix directly on 027 250 000.


“Surf stoked” – A heightened feeling of excitement or happiness, which you will feel before, in or after a surf session. Most likely a word you will start using on a regular basis to describe the feeling you have after you’ve started surfing.

Images credited to Belen Rada Photography

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