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Pia Rogers Profile

 Full Name: Pia Rogers

Nickname: P
Date of birth: 13 of July 2006
Hometown: Whangamata
Ethnicity:  NZ European
Height: 5’8
Stance:  Natural

How many boards do you own: 6
Length range: 5’7 – 5’10
Shaper:  Anderson surfboards
Sponsors: Hurley, Anderson Surfboards, I AM HOPE, Curve Surf, Sex Wax, Otis eyewear.
Surfing Since:  7
How did you start surfing: Started surfing when I lived in Noosa, Australia and would go out with my Parents and Brothers.

Surfing competitively Since: 13
Competition strategy:  staying calm and good wave selection
New Zealand teams:  2022/2023 NZ Junior team, 2023 NZ Open team
Career highlight: Open Womens National Champion 2023
Ambitions: To travel with my surfing

Main surf breaks you surf: Whanga beach and bar
Favourite Surf Break: Whanga Bar
People you surf with the most: Friends, Family and Whangamata surf academy

Occupation: student
Other interests: snowboarding, hiking, being at the beach with friends and family
Surfing heroes: Coco Ho, Stephanie Gilmore, Molly Picklum
Life hero’s: parents

Favourite food:
Favourite moves: backhand snaps
Favourite surf video:  toasted

What is your favourite event to compete at in the New Zealand junior Series?
Probably any event at Piha as the waves are usually fun

Have you been to Brazil before?

What are you looking forward to most about the trip?
The culture, how it’s a team event and meeting new people

What boards will you be taking?
probably 2 of my usual short boards then a step up and a epoxy.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?
Everyone.  Sponsors, family, whanga community, everyone who has helped me out, thank you.

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