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Jack Tyro

Full Name: Jack Allan Tyro 
Date of birth: 17/10/06 
Hometown: Sumner/Taylors Mistake 
Ethnicity: New Zealand Pakeha 
Iwi: Ngati Tyro 
Stance: Regular

How many boards do you own:
Length range:5’6 to 5’8 and  9’2 
Shaper: JS monsta 2020 and Morris longboards firefly 
Sponsors:  Exit Surf ( Kiery,Ben, and Hugh) Xcell Wetsuits, captain finco O&E and Morris longboards 
Surfing Since: have always been at the beach  

How did you start surfing: push ins from dad  
Surfing competitively Since: 2015 
Competition strategy:  go through my pre heat warm up 2 waves first 5 minutes hunt out the  good ones have a plan b. 
New Zealand teams: NZ Trans Tasman team Under 18 rep 2021 , NZ Junior Team 2022

Career highlight: Winning 3 National titles at Westport 2022 
Ambitions: Keep making New Zealand Teams 
Main surf breaks you surf: Taylors Mistake 
Favourite surf break: Mangamaunu 
People you surf with the most: The PST crew at Taylors 
Occupation: Secondary School Student  

Other interests: Art and Music 
Surfing heroes: Griffin Calipinto, Rod, Dad, Cocko (uncle Grant) 
Life heroes: not sure 
Favourite food: Mexican food 

Favourite moves: air reverse 
Favourite surf video:Red Monkey full moon 

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