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Quinn and Williams Claim Open Division Wins at Barrett Homes Surf Open

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17th February 2019

From:  Surfing New Zealand
Sport: Open Men and Women and Longboard
Event: 2019 Barrett Homes Surf Open
Location: Pony Club, Papamoa Beach, Bay of Plenty
Event Info: Surfing New Zealand #BarrettHomesSurfOpen

Quinn and Williams Claim Open Division Wins at Barrett Homes Surf Open

Favourite tags were the order of the final day of the Barrett Homes Surf Open at Papamoa today with Gisborne’s Maz Quinn and Whangamata surfer Ella Williams living up to expectations winning their respective divisions.

The two surfers were joined by Taranaki surfers Michael Grendon and Jo Moore who claimed titles in the longboard.

With the surf at Papamoa dropping overnight, New Zealand’s top surfers had to battle waves under the 1.0m mark as they pushed their title campaigns.  Light variable sea breeze winds made conditions good enough to see explosive surfing from the finalists.

Quinn looked comfortable for the entire 30 minute final picking off only the best waves to post a 14.5 point heat total.

“Sort of not my ideal conditions that I do well in but the whole contest I have been trying to be patient” said Quinn.

“I have a really amazing ‘groveller’ from Lost and it has been kept on ice for so long, I don’t know why I haven’t been surfing it” added Quinn who acknowledged that having head high waves for the final day of the event was pretty lucky.

“The conditions were tough and I sat down there south of the others and even with the priority system I could have sat on my opponents but it kinda went flat for 10 minutes toward the end of the heat which helped me out” said Quinn.

Quinn only competes in selected events and despite the win this weekend, is indifferent about competing at the Rip Curl Pro at Raglan, the third event on the New Zealand Surf Series this year and will wait until he can assess the conditions before entering.

Quinn held off runner up Levi Stewart (Waihi Bch) and Buck Woods (Mnt) who both had high scoring seven point rides in the final but both surfers were unable to find good second waves to challenge Quinn.  Buck Woods finished in third place ahead of fellow local surfer Alex Dive in fourth.

By way of his runner up finish, Stewart jumps to second on the national rankings behind new front runner Taylor Hutchison (Rag) who finished seventh at the event this weekend.

Ella Williams’ win in the final of the Women’s Division came after an 11.5 point heat total which was enough to fight off challenges from local surfer Raiha Ensor and National Champion Aimee Brown (Grt Barrier) who sees her run of three consecutive wins come to an end.

“It has been awesome to compete here at the event for my first time.  It was honestly rippable, I guess because I won the final I would say it but I really did have fun in the final” said Williams.

“I am off to my first WQS of the year next week and will be in Australia for four events over the next six weeks.  International competition is my focus this year but I want to make sure I am having fun with my surfing this year and enjoying myself” added Williams who is looking to change her competitive strategy.

Runner up Raiha Ensor, who joins Williams in Australia next week, was one good wave away from the win but conditions did not give her that opportunity.

Aimee Brown finished the final in third place and while she could not make it four in a row, another podium finish sees her retain the number one position on the national rankings.  Piha surfer and dual finalist Gabrielle Paul finished the final in fourth place.

Taranaki took out both titles in the longboard divisions with South African import Michael Grendon surfing to a 14.0 point heat total in the Men’s Final and Jo Moore surfing to a 9.0 point heat total in the Women’s Final.  It was the first win of the domestic series by both surfers.

In the Men’s Division final, it as Hugh Ritchie (Chch) that did enough to claim second ahead of Paul Culpan (Auck) in third and defending champion Thomas Kibblewhite (Auck) in fourth.

In the Women’s Division Final Gabi Paul (Piha) backed up her finals berth in the shortboard with a runner up finish after being pipped at the post by Moore.  Sasha Brownlie (Auck) finished third ahead of Ann Snyder (Mnt) in fourth.

The 2019 edition of the Barrett Homes Open included Open Men’s and Women’s Divisions and Men’s and Women’s Longboard.  Participants compete for over $8,000 in prize money with Sunday’s finals action set to go to air live from 10am – 2pm on Sky Sport 2.

The Barrett Homes Surf Open is the second of seven events on the New Zealand Surf Series and New Zealand Longboard Tour.

Papamoa based Barrett Homes has a proud history of supporting initiatives in the area and making things happen for the community.  This is the third year backing the surfing event which features a decked out VIP area for guests and participants as well as food vendors and plenty of viewing spaces for friends, family and fans.  Event partners, The Island, will be hosting everyone from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon outside competition times.

Please see below for final results from the Barrett Home Surf Open completed at Papamoa Beach, Mount Maunganui today (Sunday 17th February).

Open Women’s Division Semifinals
Heat 1
Aimee Brown (GB), 10.5, 1, Gabrielle Paul (Piha), 9.55, 2, Billie Scott (Whangarei), 2.05, 3
Heat 2
Ella Williams (Whmata), 13.3, 1, Raiha Ensor (Mnt), 8.4, 2, Anna Brock (Mnt), 7.73, 3

Open Women’s Division Final
Ella Williams (Whmata), 11.5, 1, Raiha Ensor (Mnt), 8.8, 2, Gabrielle Paul (Piha), 7.2, 3, Aimee Brown (GB), 7.65, 4

Open Men’s Division Quarterfinals
Heat 1

Buck Woods (Gis), 13.3, 1, Levi Stewart (Waihi Bch), 12.3, 2, Jack Lee (Whaka), 11.4, 3, Jarred Hancox (Tara), 10.05, 4
Heat 2
Nick White (Mnt), 13.65, 1, Callum Chuter (Mnt), 12.3, 2, Finn Vette (Gis), 10.4, 3, Jack Hinton (Mnt), 9.55, 4
Heat 3
Maz Quinn (Gis), 15.45, 1, Dune Kennings (Whmata), 14.6, 2, Caleb Cutmore (Ham), 12, 3, Leon Santorik (Mnt), 2.45, 4
Heat 4
Taylor Hutchison (Rag), 11.4, 1, Alex Dive (Mnt), 10, 2, Zac Curle (Waihi Beach), 8.1, 3, Matt McCann (Mnt), 5.6, 4

Open Men’s Division Semifinal
Heat 1

Levi Stewart (Waihi Bch), 13.65, 1, Buck Woods (Gis), 12.45, 2, Callum Chuter (Mnt), 11.6, 3, Nick White (Mnt), 11.6, 4
Heat 2
Alex Dive (Mnt), 14.9, 1, Maz Quinn (Gis), 14.85, 2, Dune Kennings (Whmata), 12.1, 3, Taylor Hutchison (Rag), 10.2, 4

Open Men’s Division Final
Maz Quinn (Gis), 14.5, 1, Levi Stewart (Waihi Bch), 13.75, 2, Buck Woods (Gis), 12.25, 3, Alex Dive (Mnt), 11.85, 4

Men’s Longboard Semifinals
Heat 1
Thomas Kibblewhite (Auck) , 14.1, 1, Michael Grendon (Tara), 12.4, 2, Glen Johnson (Auck), 10.6, 3
Heat 2
Natt Fitt (Auck), 12.5, 1, Paul Culpan (Auck), 12.3, 3, Hugh Ritchie (Chch), 12.4, 2

Men’s Longboard Final
Michael Grendon (Tara), 14.0, 1, Hugh Ritchie (Chch), 11.25, 2, Paul Culpan (Auck), 9.65, 3, Thomas Kibblewhite (Auck), 9.5, 4

Women’s Longboard Semifinals
Heat 1

Ann Snyder (Mnt), 1, Gabi Paul (Piha), 2, Raiha Ensor (Mnt), 3, Louise Aitken (Auck), 4
Heat 2
Sasha Brownlie (Auck), 1, Josephine Moore (Tara), 2, Melissa Woods (Mnt), 3, Shelly Jones (Auck), 4

Women’s Longboard Final
Josephine Moore (Tara), 9.0, 1, Gabi Paul (Piha), 8.45, 2, Sasha Brownlie (Auck), 7.75, 3, Ann Snyder (Mnt), 5.0, 4

You can access the Barrett Homes Surf Open event draw for all the match ups or follow the event scores.

Further Information
For further information on the 2019 Barrett Homes Surf Open, please contact Surfing New Zealand’s Ben Kennings on 021 2278732 or email benkennings@surfingnz.co.nz.

High resolution action images of the surfing at the event will be available to media free of charge.

Event Hotline
The Surfing New Zealand event hotline is 0211134506.  This will be updated daily at approximately 7am with venue, divisions contested and conditions for the day.

Generous support from Barrett Homes, The Island and Tauranga City Council has made this event possible.

Follow the event
Follow live scores online at Barrett Homes Surf Open. Keep an eye on all social media platforms – @surfingnz.  Follow the event hashtag – #BarrettHomesSurfOpen.

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