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Kalani Louis

2023 Surfer Profile

Full Name: Kalani luca louis
Nickname: louis
Date of birth:29/5/2005
Hometown: Taranaki New Zealand
Ethnicity: Nz european
Height: 5,8
Stance: goofy

How many boards do you own:12
Length range:5,6 to 6,1
Shaper:t patterson surfboards
Sponsors:worship, nixon, sun bum, tpatterson surfboards, future fins, sticky johnson wax, creatures of leisure, crystal cylinder, smoothstar New Zealand 
Favourite board: all of them
What are your other surf essential?
wetsuit, sun bum sun screen, sticky johnson wax,

Surfing Since:6 years old
How did you start surfing:started surfing on dads old as longboard 
Surfing competitively Since:did my first comp when i was 10
Competition strategy: get a couple scores on the board in the first 5 minutes takes a bit of pressure off then build your scores from there.

New Zealand teams:2022 nz junior team
Career highlight:making the open final and 2nd in under 18s at nationals this year
Ambitions: To keep creating sick content like short clips and movies with my mates. then in a few years i would like to move to aussie and give the qs a crack. 

Main surf breaks you surf: stent road, rockypoint, fitzroy, the groyne
Favourite surf break:whangamata bar
People you surf with the most: tommy butland, kalani watts, nate florence, taj parker and me dad

Other interests: skateboarding, touch rugby, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking.
Surfing heroes:Andy, Kelly, Bobby Martinez, Occy

Favourite food: sushi/ most asian food
Favourite moves: solid hack in the pocket/ tube/ air rev
Favourite surf video: stranger than fiction taylor steel

What is your favourite event to compete at in the New Zealand junior Series?
Piha grom comp or dunners.

Have you been to Brazil before
No, wanted to tick it off the bucketlist for ages.

What are you looking forward to most about the trip?
Meeting loads of new people, surfing with the best surfers in the world, seeing/ exploring brazil for the first time and just hanging with the crew.

What boards will you be taking?
Full t patterson quiver

5,8 pu IF15 25.8ltr

5,8 epoxy A5 26ltr

5,9 pu A5 26ltr

5,9 epoxy A5 26ltr

5,11 pu A5 25.8ltr step up

What are you doing training wise on the lead up to the ISA World Junior Championships?

swimming lengths at the pool

different varieties of workouts at the gym




Is there anyone you would like to thank?
I would love to thank all my sponsors for the continued support, the whole Taranaki community for supporting me, like to say a massive thanks to my mate George for filming me and the boys over the past few years you have put a lot of hours in behind the lens!!! Also huge thanks to my parents for all the time you put into organising life and all the other stuff. another big thanks to all my family and friends.

Bring on brazil!!

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