Kalani Louis

Full name: Kalani Luca louis 

Nickname: kdog 

Date of birth: 29th of April 2005 

Hometown: Fitzroy, Taranaki, New Zealand 

Ethnicity: I have a bit of European in me and some Chinese. 

Iwi: nga te tewhiti 

Height: 5,1 

Stance: goofy 


How many boards I own: I own 8 boards 

Length range: anywhere from 5,0 to 5,6 

Shaper: I ride a few 1da’s but I also have a hypto crypto and my favorite board at the moment would be my slater designs sci-fi 2.0. 

Sponsors: shralpergang, smooth star, beach street, and vertigo surf 


Surfing since: 2 years old but I properly started when I was 7 

How did you start surfing: I started surfing when I was 2 years old just the normal way on the nose of dad’s longboard and then when I was 7 dad bought me, my first board. 

Surfing competitively since: I started doing comps when I was like 11 I think I did my first comp. 

Competition strategy: get a couple of scores on the board in the first 5 minutes and then keep building your scores and once you have some decent scores on the board that’s when you can start to bring some progression. 


New Zealand teams: have not made the New Zealand surfing team yet. 

Career highlight: making national finals during the year my best result was second. 

Ambitions: I would love to win a national title or comp in the near future and make the nz team and just get consistent results. 


Main surf breaks you surf: I live near Fitzroy beach, so I surf there and the groyne and when the coast is on, I surf stent rockies and puniho road. 

Favourite surf break: my favourite break would be the groyne as you can get some sick barrels there, but I also like rocky point as well. 

People you surf with the most: the people that I surf with most would be spencer rowson, soren bucka and jack Sullivan. 

Occupation: I currently work in my dad’s bar cleaning glasses and doing some waitering. 


Other interests: I am a sporty person so most of my free time gets spent playing rugby, skateboarding, running, mounting biking, and playing some b ball in my mates’ driveway. 

Surfing heroes: Kelly slater and Andy irons would have to be on my list, but a couple of my favourite new school surfers would be Ryan Callinan and i also love to watch Dion Agius. 

Life heroes: some of my life heroes would have to be my parents there the best taking me all over the country to compete but some of my other life heroes would have to be the likes of Ricardo christe. it’s pretty cool to think that someone that has grown up in New Zealand can make the tour so I think that he is a big inspiration to most New Zealand surfers. 

Favourite food: would have to be sushi. but i do love a good spag bol or big juicy burger. 

Favourite moves: would have to be either any type of air a fins free or a big rail gouge and i also love barrels. 

Favourite surf video: my favorite new video would have to be globes dark hollows featuring Dion Agius but one of my all-time favourite surf movies is chasing Mavericks. 


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