Jack Hinton

Full name: Jack Hinton  

Nickname: Hints  

Date of Birth: 28/07/2003 

Hometown: MT Maunganui  

Ethnicity: New Zealander  

Iwi: None  

Height: 5’11 

Stance: Regular  


How many boards do you own? 5. 

Length range: 5’9 – 5’11 

Shaper: Sharpeye  

Sponsors: Lower clothing, backdoor, RYD, sharpeye surfboards 


Surfing Since: I have been surfing since I was 6. 

How did you starting: I started standing up on a bodyboard, so my parents got me a foamy and it went from there. 

Surfing competitively since: 14yrs old  

Competition strategy: None  


New Zealand teams:  

Career Highlight: 2021 Under 18 boys finished 2nd.  

Ambitions: Win some QS competitions  


Main surf breaks you surf: Clyde st  

Favourite surf breaks: Clyde st, Dbah and snapper  

People you surf with most: My mate Isaac Kleino  

Occupation: Student  

Other interests: Hunting, Fishing, diving, and any sport to get me outside.  


Surfing heroes: Griffin Colapinto  

Life Heros: Trent Boult  

Favourite food: Venison and sushi  

Favourite moves: Air rev  

Favourite surf video: Any video of Griffin Colapinto 

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