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Cracking Pace Set at Rip Curl Pro pres by Corona.

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Manu Bay was thrashed to bits today (Friday 4th May) as the elite surfers of the country took apart the waves in the early rounds of the Rip Curl Pro presented by Corona.

With the surf surprisingly remaining in in the 1.0m mark with glassy conditions for much of the day, the surfing was nothing but first class.

Huge heat scores were locked in heat after heat and none more so than local surfer Billy Stairmand who obliterated the waves on his way to the top score of the day in the Open Men’s Division – 16.75 out of 20.

Stairmand, the defending champion at the event, looked sharp on his way to the final 32 surfers in the event advancing alongside Manu Scott – Arrieta (Sandy Bay).  Stairmand’s win sets up a second round matchup including three locals with the in-form Mikey Banks, Larry Fisher as well as Whitianga surfer Jay Piper – Healion.

Defending Open Women’s Champion Ella Williams was in the same fine form as Stairmand, herself riding to a whopping 18.05 point heat total in the first round and consequently advancing to the semifinals.

Williams will face off in an all-Kiwi semifinal against Elin Tawharu (Mnt) and Aimee Brown (Grt Barrier).

Tawharu got the better of USA surfer Keala Tomada – Bannert in the first round before the American came back to equal the ledger in the second round.

The second semifinal is an all-international field with Tomada – Bannert facing off against Kirra Belle-Olsen (AUS), Keala Tomada – Bannert (USA) and Anne Dos Santos (BRA).

The young Brazilian surfer Dos Santos was lucky to advance through the final heat of the day after surfing to an amazing nine point ride at the start of the heat before sitting for 15 minutes wave-less.  She managed to find a three point ride in the dying stages of the heat before Jessica Santorik (Rag) came back with a late charge that fell 0.2 short of the requirement to advance.

Returning WQS surfers Elliot Paerata – Reid (Piha) and Daniel Farr (Tara) both put their first round match ups to bed with ease.  Farr looked particularly impressive posting a 16.65 point heat total that included an excellent 9.0 point ride.  Farr sees himself in a tough second round match up with winner of the most recent New Zealand Surf Series event Luke Cederman (Rag) and two international surfers in Cole Houshmand (USA) and Kona Eru (IND).

Paerata – Reid will also contest a big second round heat with Matt Hewitt (Mnt), Taylor Hutchison (Rag) and Navryn Malone (Rag).  The thirteen-year-old Malone secured the final wildcard slot into the Rip Curl International Final set to start early next week after defeating his Point Boardrider club mates on Thursday.

Other impressive heat winners included current New Zealand Pro Series leader Zen Wallis (Piha), Lucas Vicente (BRA), Lee Ririnui (Mnt), Luke Hughes (Rag) and Alex Dive (Mnt).

The field of Kiwi surfers were tested by the international juniors with all six boys advancing through to the second round while three of six semifinalists in the Women’s Division are international surfers.

Action will take place between 8am – 3pm tomorrow (Saturday 5th May) with finals taking place from early afternoon.  The swell is expected to ease into tomorrow with winds turning northerly.

The Rip Curl Pro presented by Corona will finish with the after party at the Yot Club.

The event is the fifth event on the New Zealand Surf Series for males and fourth for females.

Please see below for results from day one of the Rip Curl Pro presented by Corona held at Manu Bay today (Friday 4th May).

Open Men’s Round of 64
Heat 1

Zen Wallis (Piha), 14.05, 1, Matt-Lewis Hewitt (Mnt), 11.55, 2, Fraser Falconer (Auck), 9, 3, Zayne Stringer (Chch), 6.8, 4
Heat 2
Caleb Cutmore (Ham), 13.65, 1, Navryn Malone (Rag), 9.5, 2, Jared Crawford (Chch), 8.4, 3, Ben Smith (Hot Water), 7.7, 4
Heat 3
Elliot Paerata Reid (Piha), 14.25, 1, Callum Chuter (Mnt), 12.65, 2, Nick Dunne (Tara), 8.5, 3, Simon Deken (Tara), N/S
Heat 4
Taylor Hutchison (Rag), 15.1, 1, Xavier Huxtable (AUST), 13.5, 2, Sid West (Gt Barrier), 11.45, 3, Dylan Preston (WGM), 9.75, 4
Heat 5
Mike Banks (Rag), 12.75, 1, Finn Vette (Gis), 10.25, 2, Jack Lee (Whaka), 7.6, 3, Ben Storey (Te Awa), 5.85, 4
Heat 6
Billy Stairmand (Rag), 16.75, 1, Manu Scott-Arrieta (Sandy Bay), 12.4, 2, Luke Griffin (Mnt), 10.65, 3, Alex O’Dwyer, 9.5, 4
Heat 7
Nick White (Mnt), 14.25, 1, Larry Fisher (Rag), 13.5, 2, Aloysius Lane (Wgtn), 8.1, 3, Peter Rodger (Waihi Bch), N/S
Heat 8
Lucas Vicente (BRA), 16.5, 1, Jay Piper – Healion (Whiti), 11.3, 2, Elliott Brown (Dun), 10.25, 3, Jeremy Grainger (Tara), 5.25, 4
Heat 9
Guilherme Ribeiro (PT), 13.75, 1, Marc Moore (Auck), 13, 2, Jack Rosewarne (TA), 7.85, 3, Conor McLennan (Chch), 7.48, 4
Heat 10
Johnny Hicks (Gis), 12.75, 1, Dune Kennings (Whmata), 12.6, 2, Jayden Willoughby (Rag), 10.65, 3, Jordan Hart, 5.75, 4
Heat 11
Lee Ririnui (Mnt), 14.45, 1, Kora Cooper (Rag), 11.05, 2, Josef Jungwirth (Rag), 11, 3, Phill Willoughby (Rag), 5.25, 4
Heat 12
Luke Hughes (Rag), 15.1, 1, Finn Hill (AUST), 13.75, 2, Sean Green (Aus), 13.45, 3, William Van Der Beek (Mnt), 10.5, 4
Heat 13
Chris Malone (Gis), 14.2, 1, Luke Cederman (Rag), 14.05, 2, Christo Gilbert H-Bay), 9.36, 3, Andrew Archibald (Rag), 3, 4
Heat 14
Alex Dive (Mnt), 15.65, 1, Cole Houshmand (USA), 13.25, 2, Tom Robinson (Whngrei), 8.9, 3, Harrison Whiteside (ChCh), 6.75, 4
Heat 15
Daniel Farr (Tara), 16.65, 1, Ben Kennings (Whmata), 11.55, 2, Buck Woods (Gis), 11.5, 3, Jack MacDonald (Wgtn), 6.8, 4
Heat 16
Kona Eru (IND), 13.15, 1, Levi Stewart (Waihi Bch), 11.1, 2, Zac Curle (Waihi Beach), 8.25, 3, Jacob Warnes (Mnt), 6.45, 4

Open Women’s Round of 24
Heat 1

Raiha Ensor (Mnt), 12, 1, Lily McDonald (Te Aroha), 6.25, 2, Ariel Hughes (Rag), 5.6, 3
Heat 2
Elin Tawahru (Mnt), 14.15, 1, Keala Tomada-Bannert (USA), 12.75, 2, Emma Dubes (FRA), 8.25, 3, Saffi Vette (Gis), 7.65, 4
Heat 3
Kirra Belle-Olson (AUS), 12.25, 1, Brie Bennett (Rag), 11.25, 2, Ariana Shewry (Oakura), 10.15, 3
Heat 4
Ella Williams (Whmata), 18.05, 1, Georgia Wederell (Chch), 11.85, 2, Piper Harrison (AUS), 9.1, 3
Heat 5
Anne Do Santos (BRA), 15.25, 1, Claudia Fraser (Piha), 12.15, 2, Taina Izquierda (IND), 11.2, 3, Billie Scott (Whangarei), 8.3, 4
Heat 6
Jessica Santorik (Rag), 13.25, 1, Aimee Brown (GB), 12.1, 2, Tia Ngarimu (Whiti), 3.2, 3

Open Women’s Quarterfinals
Heat 1

Keala Tomada-Bannert (USA), 15.5, 1, Elin Tawahru (Mnt), 14.9, 2, Raiha Ensor (Mnt), 14, 3, Lily McDonald (Te Aroha), 2.9, 4
Heat 2
Ella Williams (Whmata), 16.3, 1, Kirra Belle-Olson (AUS), 14.25, 2, Georgia Wederell (Chch), 7.9, 3, Brie Bennett (Rag), 6.75, 4
Heat 3
Aimee Brown (GB), 12.15, 1, Anne Do Santos (BRA), 11.65, 2, Jessica Santorik (Rag), 11.45, 3, Claudia Fraser (Piha), 7.35, 4

Complete event write ups, results, surfer ratings and images from the event can be viewed at Surfing New Zealand.

For more information on the Rip Curl Pro presented by Corona please contact Ben Kennings on 021 2278732 or email benkennings@surfingnz.co.nz.  Alternatively, please contact Rip Curl Marketing Manager Leon Parkin on 021386473 or email lparkin@ripcurl.co.nz.  

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