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Core Knowledge Programme- HPSNZ

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In 2020 the HPSNZ Coaching Team completed a strategic evaluation of HP coaching across 14 podium sports. Gaps highlight the need for HPSNZ to support NSOs to enhance early stage HP coach development.

Core Knowledge is a pathway education initiative designed to lift core knowledge and critical skills early in the HP pathway. The initiative is an innovative response to inconsistent and fragmented offerings available across the wider coach development system.

The programme consists of 3 core knowledge domains (Figure 1) which are designed and delivered by leading expert facilitators. Group learning sessions are delivered to coaches from a range of sports to promote cross-code learning and connection.

A multifaceted approach to learning (social construction, critical reflection, self-awareness and action learning) is used to create a highly practical and active learning experience.

Flo from Gisborne Boardriders was one of the coaches that took up the opportunity to participate in the progamme, we sat down with him to see how it all went and whether he came away with any coaching gems!

  1. Tell us a bit about your introduction to the Core Knowledge programme, how did it come about and what did you expect?

Lee Ryan Surfing New Zealand development manager introduced us to the core knowledge programme in one of our coaching zoom calls. It sounded exciting and when I saw the overview and how it runs, it got me really excited.

I want to come with an empty glass, absorb all the knowledge and meet awesome coaches. Tried not to expect anything other than an excellent upskilling opportunity.

2) Why did you sign up to the programme?

One of my biggest strengths is being a learner and always wanting to get better. I thought this is an amazing opportunity to learn from some of the best coaches around NZ.

3) What has the programme involved?  Duration, number of courses, online/offline etc
It is a multiyear coaching programme. You can choose 4-6 workshops a year online or offline. You can choose between 4 different modules, each having 3 pillars. Energy Systems, Body in Motion, Professional Practice and Performance Impact. Depending on availability you get assigned 3-day workshops around the country or online. I did 4 workshops this year in Auckland 2x, Cambridge and wellington.

4) Who have you worked alongside?  Both facilitators and other coaches

Some outstanding facilitators from HP Sport NZ and fantastic coaches in various sports. There’s a total of 308 coaches involved in the programme from 38 codes. Each Workshop has between 15-25 coaches from 7-12 codes I would say.

5) How has it related to the work that you do with Gisborne Boardriders and surfing?

In Gisborne we want to strengthen the performance side and Core Knowledge provided me with more tools and knowledge to do so. The biggest impact was the connection with other coaches. I was able to visit Sala’s Throwing academy and was recently invited down to Wanaka to see Snow Sport NZ and the Cardrona HPC in action.

6) Give us three gems that you have taken away and then applied to the Gisborne surfing community.

a) Learn more about myself as a person and coach (intrapersonal knowledge)

b) Working better alongside others (interpersonal),

c) Skill Acquisition and motivation were other gems.

I also enjoyed delivering coaching workshops locally after every workshop I had. From that we had amazing discussions, and I am able to help our aspiring young competitors but also share my knowledge with Saffi Vette and her Family.

7) What has been the overall highlight?

Connecting with others.

8) Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks Surfing New Zealand and High Performance Sport NZ for the opportunity, I am looking forward to the next ones 😊

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