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North Wai

Club Name  North Wai

Existing since  1965

Number of members 80

Do you have a clubroom? Yes on Marine Parade, North Beach

Volunteer shoutouts (people who make a difference in your club)
Steve Dobson helluva lad

Top surfers that have come out of your club: 
Ava Henderson, Myka Black, Estella Hungerford, Tegan Bishopp, Georgia Wederell and Conor McLennan

One of North Wai’s best, Ava Henderson
Pic Cory Scott

Current crop of top surfers?

Nick Tuhikarama, Jack Wilson, Hugh Ritchie, Jarod Crawford, Lincoln Penei, Tui Rudolph and Eloise Addison

What is it that brings your club together? 
Club comps and we’re one big family

The club prides itself in?
Having a great clubhouse, running lots of comps including the Dunga Classic which has been going for 35 years

What is one thing you would change about the club if you could? 
Get more girls to join and have our clubrooms upstairs.

North Wai, Junior Surf

Any exciting events that you have coming up?
South Island Primary School Champs, Canterbury Champs

If a local surfer is planning to join a boardriders club why should they choose you?
Best facilities in Christchurch, and support for groms and good vibes.



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