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A Mixed Bag at Day Three of The ISA Junior World Surfing Championship

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Tao Mouldey Courtesy of Sean Evans

Date: 31st May 2022
From: Surfing New Zealand
Sport: International Surfing
Event: 2022 ISA World Junior Surfing Championships
Divisions: Under 18 Men, Under 18 Women and Under 16 Men and Women
Date: 30th /05/2022
Location La Bocana & El Sunzal, El Salvador
Websites: www.isasurf.org and www.surfingnz.co.nz

A Mixed Bag at Day Three of The ISA Junior World Surfing Championship
The New Zealand Junior Surfing Team has contested the third day of the 2022 ISA World Junior Surfing Championship with some more impressive displays of surfing against the remaining world class surfers.

Raglans Kora Cooper, Mount Maunganui’s Tao Mouldey and Jack Tyro from Christchurch are the only three remaining surfers in the main event with another four Kiwis having been relegated to the repechage rounds after some tough round 2 matchups in El Salvador today. Tomorrow, Day 4 of the event, marks the first of the repechage rounds with Under 16 Boys getting their last chance at glory from 12pm local time at El Sunzal. The Under 16 Girls will follow with Under 18 Boys and Girls kicking off at La Bocana around the same time.

Leia Millar kicked off today’s matchups with a super heat against international star Erin Brooks. Surfing for Canada Erin put on a clinic in the 2-3ft waves earning herself a 9.67 and an 7.83 with a heat total of 17.50 out of a possible 20. Leia not to be outdone surfed her heart out but was unlucky to get a wave with enough scoring potential. Leia will now get her last chance to surf in heat 5 Round 2 of the repechage.

In an unfortunate Round 2 match up Kora Cooper from Raglan found himself up against fellow Kiwi Finn Vette (Gis) at La Bocana for the 12th heat of the Under 18 Boys. Needing a first and second place to get both boys through the Kiwis sat in second and third unable to knock Japanese Surfer Tenshi Iwami from the top spot. In a bittersweet conclusion Kora goes through to Round 3 Heat 5 whilst Finn is relegated to the second round of the repechage for his last chance at getting back into the event.

Next to surf was Spencer Rowson from Taranaki. After a successful start to the competition, he was hoping to repeat his stellar performances in Round 2 however unfortunately a priority mistake and the waves at La Bocana let him down. A close heat, he ended up in 4th place with the eventual heat winner Ikko Watanabe from Japan surfing to a heat total of 13.33. Spencer will now surf in Round 2 of the Repechage, heat 5

Jack Tyro was in the water next and the Under 16 surfer from Christchurch got to work. With a solid display of power surfing, he earned himself a total heat score of 9.46 only narrowly coming second to Japan’s Bunta Terada. With confidence growing, Jack now advances through to Round 3 heat 6 at El Sunzal coming up against surfers from Panama, Japan and Australia.

The final surfer in the Under 16 Boys was Tao Mouldey, with a shift in team momentum Tao put all his energy into finding scoring waves and making the most of the challenging conditions. Using his critical forehand surfing he earned himself an 8.70 heat total, an accomplishment in the challenging conditions at El Sunzal. And enough to get him into Round 3 Heat 5 where he finds himself up against Brazilian, Japanese and Australian surfers.

After a big morning of Junior Boys surfing, it was time to switch over to the Junior Girls where Christchurch surfer Ava Henderson and Natasha Gouldsbury (Tara) found themselves in some big Round 2 matchups.

In heat 3 of the Under 18 Girls Ava Henderson hoping to channel her success from the day before, was unable to find waves with scoring potential ending the heat with a 7.03 needing at least a 6.03 to advance, coming up short of the second place required to get through to Round three.

To end the day Tash Gouldsbury went out with the hopes of finishing the Kiwis Day on a high. Unfortunately, this was not to be with Australian Surfer Ellie Harrison and Tahitian Heimiti Feirro taking the first and second spots. Tash will surf again in the 10th round of the repechage.

Seven surfers out of 12 will be in action again tomorrow with Kora, Jack and Tao in to Round 3 and Kalani, Liv, Pia and Skylar surfing in the repechage.

Schedule for Day 4 is as follows

Ava Henderson Image courtesy of Sean Evans

Under 18 Boys Round 3 (La Bocana)
2:50am Kora Cooper

Under 18 Boys Repechage (La Bocana)
7:50am Kalani Louis

Under 18 Girls Repechage (La Bocana)
12:10pm Liv Haysom

Under 16 Boys Round 3 (El Sunzal)
4:50am Tao
5:10am Jack Tyro

Under 16 Girls Repechage (El Sunzal)
7:10am Pia Rogers
9:10am Skylar Mcfetridge

Please see below for Day 3 results of the New Zealand Junior Surfing Team competing at the 2022 ISA World Junior Surfing Championships being held at La Bocana & El Sunzal El Salvador.

Under 18 Boys Qualifying Round 2
Heat 12
1 Tenshi Iwami (JPN) 10.93, 2 Kora Cooper (NZL) 8.20, 3 Finn Vette (NZL) 7.16 4 Rufo Massimo Baita (ITA) 6.40

Under 16 Boys Qualifying Round 2
Heat 6
1 Ikko Watanabe (JPN) 13.33, 2 David Monge (CRI) 8.50, 3 Tommaso Layson (BAR) 7.17 4 Spencer Rowson (NZL) 6.49

Heat 11
1 Bunta Terada (JPN) 9,60, 2 Jack Tyro (NZL) 9.46, 3 Kilian Jacob Rosskopf (SUI) 7.97

Heat 12
1 Yuma Nagasawa (JPN) 14.84, 2 Tao Mouldey (NZL) 8.70, 3 Rafe Gooding (BAR) 8.14, 4 Kai Schmitz (Ger) 5.94

Under 16 Girls
Heat 5
1 Erin Brooks (CAN) 17.50, 2 Sara Freyre (USA) 13.76, 3 Leia Millar (NZL) 8.73, 4 Mya Kuzmovich (PUR) 7.30

Under 18 Girls
Heat 3
1 Kalea Gervasi (PER) 11.0, 2 Talia Swindal (USA) 9.56, 3 Ava Henderson (NZL) 7.03, 4 Sanoa Olin (CAN) 3.00

Heat 10
1 Ellie Harrison (AUS) 9.10, 2 Heimiti Fierro (TAH) 8.87, 3 Natasha Gouldsbury (NZL) 6.93, 4 Benedita Teixeira (POR) 5.86

The World Junior Surfing Championships is an annual event having been held since 2003. New Zealand has competed at the event since its inception as well as competing at the World Grommet Titles as it was formerly known since 1989. New Zealand has been one of the top nations at each event with Jay Quinn (Gis) securing New Zealand’s first World Championship in the Under 18 Men’s division in 2001.The event is being broadcast live over the net via www.isasurf.org. Media releases relating specifically to the New Zealand team’s performance will be distributed throughout the event.For further information regarding the New Zealand Junior Surfing Team please contact Ben Kennings at Surfing New Zealand 07 8250018, 0212278732 or email benkennings@surfingnz.co.nz.

Jack Tyro Image courtesy of Sean Evans

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