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Liv Haysom

Full Name: Liv Haysom
Date of birth: 3rd July 2004
Hometown: Piha
Ethnicity: NZ European
Height: 164 cm
Stance: Regular

How many boards do you own: 6
Length range: 5’7 – 5’9
Shaper: Camenzind Surfboards
Sponsors: Coastlines Wetsuits, Camenzind Surfboards and Goodness Gracious
Surfing Since: 4 or 5ish years old
How did you start surfing: Dad started pushing me into waves at home and I was hooked!

Surfing competitively Since: Around 10 years old in club comps, I was 12 when I did my first national
Competition strategy: Not put heaps of pressure on myself and go out and surf because I love it! Also
make sure I catch lots of waves because that can be my weakness hahah.
New Zealand teams: Trans Tasman Team, New Zealand Junior Team 2022
Career highlight: Winning Nationals in 2020 was pretty cool!
Ambitions: Keep surfing forever and never lose the love for it, winning some comps and travelling
around the world surfing would be pretty cool too haha

Main surf breaks you surf: Manu Bay now that I’m living in Raglan and Piha Beach when I’m at home.
Favourite surf break: Hard to beat home! So would have to say Piha… but Manu Bay, Indicators and
Ngarunui beach are getting up there!
People you surf with the most: Dad and little sister when I’m home, but when in Raglan I usually surf
with my boyfriend and everyone in the surf academy.
Occupation: Still at school
Other interests: Keeping fit, training out of the water and cooking yummy food.

Surfing heroes: Carissa Moore, Holly Wawn, India Robinson, John John and all of the girls that are
younger than me and charge big waves and land insane airs!
Life heroes: My Mum and Dad, my 21 year old cat and anyone who doesn’t care what other people
think and are 100 percent themselves!
Favourite food: Sushi or anything Japanese
Favourite moves: Nothing better than a forehand carve but after going left at Manu Bay so much I’m
starting to enjoy backhand reos more.
Favourite surf video: Leave a Message, Undone (Laura Enever) and Gameface (Carissa Moore)

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