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Brie Bennett

Full Name: Brie Bennett 
Date of birth: 06-07-2003 
Hometown: Raglan 
Ethnicity: Maori 
Iwi: Ngati Hine 
Height: 5.5ish 
Stance: Goofy!!!  

 How many boards do you own: 
Length range: 5.6-5.10 
Shaper: Troy Hirst, Rodney Dalhberg @MVK surfboards 
Sponsors: Ripcurl, Raglan Surf Emporium, Jumpflex, Matunas and MVK.  

Surfing Since: 11. 
How did you start surfing: I started surfing with my dad at Ngarunui beach on a 5.4 surfboard which wasn’t wide enough for me to learn to balance on, but I refused to carry and ride a board that I couldn’t fit under my arm haha. 
Surfing competitively Since: 13 
Competition strategy: My go to is to get at least one score on the board off the hooter, and then one good score within the first five minutes. 
New Zealand teams: X2 ISA World Juniors at Huntington beach, California. 
Career highlight: My career highlight so far was either getting chaired up the beach after winning my first national title or representing NZ on the world stage and waving the NZ flag amongst our team and the other nations during the opening ceremony. 
Ambitions: To make the Olympic surf team in 2024 and compete at Teahupoo!  

Main surf breaks you surf: Definitely good old Manu Bay. 
Favourite surf break: The Ledge, Uluwatu. 
People you surf with the most: The Surfing Academy. 
Occupation: Student/Hospo worker.  
Other interests: Snowboarding and travelling.  

Surfing heroes: Carissa, Bethany, DK. 
Life heroes: My family. 
Favourite food: Acai bowls from @Banzaibowls!!!!! 
Favourite moves: Forehand rail turn and getting barreled if that counts. 
Favourite surf video: Andy Irons: Kissed by God.

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