Alexis Owen

Full Name: Alexis Ifan Owen
Nickname: Alexis
Date of birth: 30/8/2008
Hometown: Warrington, Dunedin
Ethnicity: European New Zealander
Height: 168cm
Stance: regular

How many boards do you own: 7
Length range: 5’3 – 5’7
Shaper: Tommy Dalton(Lost)
Sponsors:  Lost, O’Neill, sun zapper, Hydro surf
Favourite board: driver 2.0
What are your other surf essentials? sun zapper extreme surf sunscreen and some wax
Surfing Since: 2013
How did you start surfing: my brother taught me
Surfing competitively Since: 2019

Competition strategy: get two waves in the first 5 minutes

New Zealand teams: first time
Career highlight: winning nationals this year
Ambitions: make myself proud

Main surf breaks you surf: Warrington and St clair
Favourite surf break: Murdering bay
People you surf with the most: my siblings

Occupation: school
Other interests: gym and doing well at school
Surfing heroes: Andy Irons and Italo Ferreira
Life heroes: Kelly Slater

Favourite food: cranberry OSM bars
Favourite moves: big reo’s
Favourite surf video: raglan surf report skits or surfs up

What is your favourite event to compete at in the New Zealand junior Series? Nationals or South Islands

Have you been to Brazil before? Nah

What are you looking forward to most about the trip? surfing in warm water

What boards will you be taking? epoxy driver 2.0, stub driver, driver 2.0 Pu, and a step up driver 2.0

Is there anyone you would like to thank? my parents for taking me to the beach everyday. siblings for all the support. Also everyone who has donated in some way to help me get to the event.

What are you doing training wise on the lead up to the ISA World Junior Games? gym work and surfing lot’s

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