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Gabrielle Paul

Full Name: Gabrielle Moana Paul 

Nickname: Gabi  

Date of birth: 18/08/2001  

Hometown: Piha Beach  

Ethnicity: NZ European/Maori  

Iwi: Ngapuhi  

Height: 169cm  

Stance: Natural  


How many boards do you own: 8  

Length range: 5’7 – 9’1  

Shaper: NA

Sponsors: sol zinc  


Surfing Since: 6-7 years old  

How did you start surfing: My dad bought me a boogie board for Christmas, but I told him I wanted to surf instead.  

Surfing competitively Since: 9-10  

Competition strategy: Varies from contest to contest, but I consistently try to only focus on what I can control, how many waves I catch, where I am sitting etc, and ignore my competitors surfing.  


New Zealand teams: 2 x longboard teams, trans-Tasman cup team  

Career highlight: Travelling overseas for the NZ team and travelling all over NZ with friends.  

Ambitions: I would love to win an open women’s national title, and maybe give the QS a crack.  


Main surf breaks you surf: Manu Bay, Ngarunui, Ruapuke (I live in Raglan)  

Favourite surf break: Too many to choose, probably one on an island I can’t disclose, locals wouldn’t like me.  

People you surf with the most: Jay, Aimee, Jack, Conor  

Occupation: Student, occasional surf coach  

Other interests: Music (playing and listening), food (cooking and eating), my degree, art, travel (prior to covid)  


Surfing heroes: Steph Gilmore, the Ladybirds, Jay, Carrissa Moore, Johanne Defay, Mischa, Griffin Colapinto, Mason Ho, Kelia Moniz (who throws themselves over a big one at Teahupoo on a longboard!?) and more…  

Life heroes: My family (dad especially), my close friends  

Favourite food: Anything, but Sushi and other Japanese cuisine, and chocolate, I could live on those things.  

Favourite moves: Watching huge airs and pits, turn combos with no break in between.  

Favourite surf video: Roxy Shimmer, Leave a message, and Riss.

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