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Westport Champions Chat- Reuben Woods

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Photo Courtesy of Nz Surf Journal

  1. Have you ever won a New Zealand National Title before? (If so, what was it?) 
    Nope first time. Stoked.

  2. Any comps this year that you hope to repeat your success in? 
    Yip South Island Champs!

  3. What are a few of your surfing goals for 2022? 
    Main one was winning a National Title so, tick! To get the Top Performance Award and make the Open final at my age has been a massive goal for me also. I’d like to finish TOP 10 in NZ by the end of year.

  4. How does it feel to be the National champion at the Westport Nats in 2022, has it sunk in yet? 
    Stoked! Loved the trip, being with my family, meeting all the epic locals, hanging with friends and to top it off with a Title is awesome.

  5. Did you do any training coming up to the nationals, anything you did different from your normal routine? 
    F45 keeps me fit and surfing as much as I can with my wife and Kids who always amp me up.

  6. Going into the final did you feel pressure to win, were you nervous? 
    No, don’t really get nervous anymore. I’m 44 and back competing because my kids are into it. So, I don’t really get nervous like I used to as a grom. I have nothing to lose so just go out and have fun and surf. Its works 😂.

  7. What was going through your head as you paddled out for the final, did you have a plan? 
    Get a wave as soon as I can, use priority strategically, get two waves and then keep bettering those scores. One person had an 8. I had two high 6 or 7s. I knew he only needed another good wave, but I had priority at the end and just sat on him!

  8. When the final hooter went how did you feel, did you know that you had just won a national title? 
    Yeah, I knew and was so stoked. I couldn’t wait to get in a share the stoke with my family and friends on the beach.

    Photo Courtesy of NZ Surf Journal

  9. Anyone you would like to thank? 
    Melissa my wife, My groms (Beau, Coral, Keanu and Pearle), Magoo and Papamoa Boardriders. Oh and of course the “BBC” boys!

  10. What did you think of Westport, will you be back? 
    Like an NZ Hawaii, so beautiful and untouched. Yes coming back to surf Newmibia 😂

  11. What was your favourite thing about the Westport Nationals in 2022? 
    Just an epic vibe on the beach every day and good waves, good weather, good people.

  12. Lastly, Will you be back to defend your title in 2023? 
    Hell YES! 

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