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Spencer Rowson

Full Name: Spencer Grant Thomas Rowson. 
Nickname: Spence. 
Date of birth: 22.11.06. 
Hometown: New Plymouth in Taranaki.  
Ethnicity: New Zealand European. 
Height: 5’6. 
Stance: Natural. 
How many boards do you own: 6 Shortboards, 1 Foil, 1 Surf SUP, 1 Race SUP.  
Length range: 4’6 – 5’8. 
Shaper: TP Surfboards, Amundson Foil Boards.  
Sponsors:  Vertigo Surf Shop, TP Surfboards, Foil Surf New Zealand, Sticky Johnson, SmoothStar New Zealand 
Surfing Since: 5 years old. 
How did you start surfing: With my dad and my pop. 
Surfing competitively Since: 8 years old at the local Taranaki Micro Grom Comps. 
Competition strategy: Completion of turns with speed, power and flair. 
New Zealand teams: Making my debut in 2022. 
Career highlight: Making this New Zealand team. 
Ambitions:  Create a lifestyle that allows me to be in in the water as much as I can. 
Main surf breaks you surf: Fitzroy Beach, The Groyne. 
Favourite surf break: Stent Road. 
People you surf with the most: Dad (Kane), Søren and Kalani. 
Occupation: Student at New Plymouth Boys’ High School. 
Other interests: Fly fishing. 
Surfing heroes: Griffin Colapinto and Ethan Ewing. 
Life heroes: Kai Lenny. 
Favourite food: Chicken burgers and sushi. 
Favourite moves: Getting barrelled and doing laybacks.  
Favourite surf video: Mick Fanning, Stab in the dark (Japan). 

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