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SNZ Stakeholder Update

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Happy days we can go surfing when we get to level 3!!! We are sure you were all as thrilled as us to hear that yesterday. Below are a couple of important specifics that we’ve picked out from https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-system/alert-level-3/;

 Travel is still restricted, and is only allowed for permitted movement in your local area – e.g. for going to work or school, shopping, or getting exercise.
 You cannot travel to another region for recreation.
 You should go to your nearest beach, not your favourite one.
 If you’re not experienced, don’t surf.

REMEMBER – We are not there yet, Level 4 still applies! We will find out more about the timing of any move to level 3, next Monday. As soon as a date is set for a move to level 3, we will publish some surfing-specific guidelines to help in keeping yourself and others safe whilst surfing.

Olympics and World Surfing Games Preparation
NZ Squad Announcement – We are thrilled to be able to name a training squad for these upcoming events. Whilst the World Surfing Games is yet to be rescheduled, and the Olympics are now 15 months away, it’s vital that we support a core group of elite surfers over the next few months in anticipation that the World Surfing Games could be held in late 2020. The NZ Surfing Squad is;
Ricardo Christie
Paige Hareb
Billy Stairmand
Ella Williams
Kehu Butler
Aimee Brown
Elliot Paerata-Reid
Saffi Vette
Raiha Ensor

Coach: Matt Scorringe
Strength and Conditioning: Olly Farley
Physiotherapist: Michelle

Barring injury, a team of 3 men and 3 women will be selected from this elite squad for the World Surfing Games in El Salvador. Congratulations to all those selected!

Surfing NZ Financial Position
Over the last few weeks, the Surfing NZ team has been working hard to build a budget for the next financial year (starting 1 July 2020), and forecasting cash flows based on a number of different scenarios. We are fortunate to have built up some cash reserves over the last 12 months, nonetheless in a worst-case (still in and out of levels 2/3/4 next summer) scenario, we will struggle to run our full event calendar and attract related commercial and charitable funding.

Pub charities are shut, and expecting to operate at about 50% in future when pubs are eventually allowed to open, and that could still be months away. Commercial sponsors will of course also be cash-strapped, and so we cannot rely on significant new sponsorship dollars. We have cut costs as much as possible and accessed the government’s wage subsidy scheme. Nonetheless, the unfortunate reality is that if we don’t do something different, we will run out of cash sometime next summer. We are working up a couple of new revenue stream options and would welcome any ideas you might have as to how Surfing NZ can generate revenue over the next 6 months so that we can run at full capacity next summer. Please send any ideas to matt.sale@surfingnz.co.nz

Constitution Review
Amended dates for feedback. We’re conscious that the ongoing covid19 situation makes it difficult for clubs to meet formally, and want to provide a bit more time for you to consider and feedback on the draft new constitution.

The process and new timetable for feedback from Members is as follows:
 Written feedback on proposed changes to be provided by members to matt.sale@surfingnz.co.nz
 Deadline for feedback from Members is 5pm Friday 29th May, 2020.
 Feedback to be considered by the Board over the first two weeks of June.
 Final recommendations to be sent to Members by 5pm Friday 19th June, 2020.
 Special General Meeting of Surfing NZ to be held on or before 1st August – date, time and location to be confirmed.
 New constitution to be adopted at November 2020 AGM.

REMINDER – Surfing NZ Nationals 2021
We would like to decide on a location and host boardrider club for next year’s Nationals, by early June this year. If your club would like to be considered, please email ben.kennings@surfingnz.co.nz by Friday 8th May. Ben will then get in touch with interested clubs, to gather a bit more information to help inform the decision.

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