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Rules & Scoring


Surf & Film anytime 30 May-30 June 2020.

  1. All competitors must be current club members. If the judges have any doubt as to the validity of entries, independent verification of surfer identity may be sought. Judges discretion and decision in such cases will be final.
  2. Footage should show paddle-in to full kick out/completion of the wave. See Tips for Filming
  3. Clips need to be filmed no earlier than Saturday 30 May 2020, and submitted prior to 5pm Tuesday 30 June 2020.
  4. Clips are to be submitted to clippero.com/SurfingNZ/VirtualBoardriderBattle
  5. 10 divisions – male/female for each of U/14, U/18, Open Shortboard, Open Longboard and Masters (over 45).
  6. A maximum of 20 waves (clips) per club (2 per division is optimal – see scoring below).
  7. Each club must submit footage no later than 5pm Tuesday 30 June 2020. Each clip should be named to clearly identify the club, the competitor, division and gender i.e. CLUBNAME_FIRSTLASTNAME_DIVISION_GENDER e.g. Whangamata_JoeBloggs_Under14_Boys.
  8. By submitting clips, you grant permission to Surfing New Zealand to use that footage to as it sees fit, to promote surfing in New Zealand.

Covid19 – all government regulations and guidelines on the applicable alert level must be followed at all times. (References: www.covid19.govt.nz and sport specific guidelines)

  • Accredited Judges will be scoring waves based on normal judging criteria, with variation in wave quality and size factored in (i.e. performance will be judged according to the best possible surfing, for that size and quality of wave)
  • Masters divisions will be judged with age as a factor – we are looking for the most impressive surfer, for their age!


  • A maximum of 20 clips can be submitted by each club. You can submit more than 2 clips per division, but this will be at the expense of other divisions and only the best 2 waves in each division will count towards the Club total.
  • Each wave will be scored out of 10 x 2 waves per division x 10 divisions gives a maximum Club total of 200 points.
  • The Club with the highest points total at the end of the event will be declared the winner.
  • In the event of a tie on points, the winner will be the Club with the highest combined total across Open Shortboard, Men and Women divisions.
  • Judges decisions are final, no correspondence will be entered into.

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