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Your Solutions Hawkes Bay Boardriders Club

Club Name? Your Solutions Hawkes Bay Boardriders Club

Existing since? Jan 2019 (there has been previous years of operation years ago and it was reopened in 2019)

Number of members? 100ish+

Do you have a clubroom (provide any detail)? No

Volunteer shoutouts (people who make a difference in your club)?
So many! We have the most amazing Surfing Community here, the parents, kids, businesses and committee all smash it.  It is really like a big boardriders family.

Current crop of top surfers?
Dale Cromhout and Max De Groot have had a great season.  We also have a large chunk in the U18 division at the moment that have improved every year since we started in 2019 and have some up and comers that we are excited about.

What is it that brings your club together?
We have three sectors to our Club, Surfing, Community and Environment, so having those sections spreads our events throughout different sectors and not just Surfing so the Club can come together in all sorts of scenarios that suit different people. We have amazing sponsors, one being Three Wise Birds http://threewisebirds.co.nz (A Cider Company in Hawkes Bay) – having a great venue for us to get together for meetings, prizegiving etc definitely helps bring us together!  We all travel to national comps in convoy too, stay together, cook together etc, just great team vibes.  No one really is doing it for just themselves, and everyone is super supportive from families, the club and sponsors so essentially being supportive and kind are another way that brings us all together.

Special shout out to our sponsors here:
4 Years Naming Rights: Your Solutions Ltd – Construction Company Specialising in Shop fitting – http://yoursolutions.co.nz 
2 years Premium Sponsors:
Wilsigns Signwriting – https://www.wilsigns.co.nz 
Tom Allan Videographer – https://www.studioossian.co.nz 
Boardzone Napier – https://www.boardzonesurfco.com
Hustle Surf & Moto – https://www.hustlesurfmoto.co.nz
Finsol Insurance – https://www.finsol.co.nz
Outfoxed Outdoor Adventures – http://outfoxed.co.nz
There is also ALOT of other people and businesses that contribute and all of you we are grateful for.  One special shout out to Jordan Griffin https://griffinsurfboardsnz.com who donates a custom board for us to raffle off each scholastics, this literally brings in thousands for the team to get to the National Event.  A big ups to him as he isn’t even in the the Hawkes Bay which is something that is all recognised by us in the Bay (Hawkes Bay that is ha). 

The club prides itself in? (Give example of initiative/s and how they have helped the club)
There’s many things we could say in here but one would be the set up of the Club.  When we first got the club going again the aim was to make a sustainable club so it could operate for years.  Through a tiered system of sponsorship signing up for 2+ years and naming rights sponsor for 4 years this has enabled the club the confidence to run regular events every year, take the pressure off volunteers so that its an enjoyable process for all. 

In our environment sector we ran an Event at Outfoxed http://outfoxed.co.nz and planted 4000 natives in a day, a massive turn out of over 80 people came to plant throughout the day at the back of Te Awanga, enjoying food, bevvies and a DJ at the end.
We are really proud of our groms too.  They all work really hard in the Club for it to exist, engaging in all the fundraiser days from planting farms, picking grapes, BBQ’s, adaptive surfing volunteering and many more scenarios.

We also have a weekly Strength  & Conditioning Programme that happens in the amazing High Performance Centre Venue in Hastings through the Hawkes Bay Community Fitness Centre Trust that Joe Payton runs for 20 or so selected groms split into 2 groups.  This is our third year running this and the response from the participants is they really enjoy and thrive off it.  There is currently an Olympic sized pool and hostel being built there so this will add an amazing aspect to the Club to utilise.

What is one thing you would change about the club if you could?
Having a Club House, with a restaurant/bar like the Aussie Surf Clubs, that’s the dream.  With a wave pool attached. Too much?

What is a club hack that you would like to share with others Boardriders around the country?
Keep it consistent.
Pull through with what you say you’re going to do. 
Dont’ be a dick.
Be super appreciative.
Remember that everyone is volunteers.  Nurture that.

Any exciting events that you have coming up?
Yes! Always! haha
We hopefully have a new consistent surf programme coming up, will find out in December if that will go through..

Our last Club Round this year is combined with the Hawkes Bay Champs Nov 20/27th (swell depending) that Boardzone and Hustle usually run exclusively, big prize money, open to the public and different regions, not just members.  Will be awesome!
We have an Fundraiser on Nov 7th at Outfoxed Open Day which is succcch an epic venue if you’re coming to the bay, come join!
If a local surfer is planning to join a board riders club why should they choose you?
Cause we are the only boardriders in Hawkes Bay ha.

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