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Sumner Lonboarders Club

Board riders club questionnaire

Club Name? 
Sumner Longboarders Club Inc.

Existing since? – 1993 Number of members? 60 

Do you have a clubroom? 
No formal clubrooms, but we do meet regularly at local restaurants (The Clink in Sumner). Prior to the 2011 earthquakes, Club Bazaar was our official clubroom followed by The Headless Mexican restaurant. 

Volunteer shoutouts? 

The valuable committee members including President, Treasurer, Club Captain, Secretary and Treasurer. Behind the scenes valuable contributors – Mark ‘Kipper’ Calcutt, Mo Calcutt and Denis Quane (inspirational patron) 

Top surfers that have come out of your club? 
Grant ‘Cocko’ Cochrane, Ambrose McNeill, Luke O’Neill, Lucy and Al Te Moananui

Current crop of top surfers? 
Our regular winners/placers in various South Island comps, Annalise Coberger, Julie Sparrow, Kathryn Edyvean, Jack Tyro, Amalie Wink, Seb & Lucy Johnson, Mike Willman, Mark Robberds,Steve Andrews


What is it that brings your club together? 
A sense of community in and out of the water. Friendly faces, surf trips, fun competitions, social events.

The club prides itself in? 
Our not- for profit community charity, SURFable Sessions, is an annual event that provides a surfing opportunity for youngsters with all manners of impairments, be they physical, emotional, learning, ASD etc. Run for up to 45 participants, and supported by local Christchurch businesses, the event is now steaming towards its10th consecutive year and is simply the best day or the year for all surfers, their families, and friends and the 80 volunteers. A day no one wants to miss to be missed!

What is one thing you would change about the club if you could? 
More groms,   

What is a club hack that you would like to share with other clubs around the country? 
The promise of a BBQ and fizzy drinks brings the whole club together! 

Any exciting events that you have coming up? 
Christmas Party in early December followed by SURFable Sessions in February 2022.







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