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Point Boardriders

Club Name? Point Boardriders Raglan

Existing since? 1962  

Number of members?
36 single memberships and 22 family memberships

Do you have a clubroom?  
No sadly 

Volunteer shoutouts 
All our committee members, active members, and their supporting families. 

Top surfers that have come out of your club?  
Glen Campbell, Geoff Hutchinson, Maioha Kelly, Daniel Kereopa, Emmerson Tucker, Zennor Wernham, Larry Fisher, Kelly Clarkson, Jess Sanntorik, Luke Hughes, Billy Stairmand, Taylor Hutchinson, Caleb Cutmore, Brie Bennet, Kora Cooper, Jayden Willoughby to name a few.

Current crop of top surfers?  
Billy Stairmand, Taylor Hutchinson, Caleb Cutmore, Brie Bennet, Kora Cooper, Jayden Willoughby, Joseph Jungwirth, Navryn Malone.

What is it that brings your club together?  
Community involvement and culture. We are a club that is not just focusing on competition and success, but participation and encouragement for our youngest and oldest surfers. 

The club prides itself in?  
As a stakeholder of the Raglan Community, we are an active voice in not just the surfing community, but the Raglan community in general. We are proactive in standing up for our community, the environment, and the positive development of Raglan. We are also focusing on the inclusion of our youth rather than elite training as we feel encouragement of participation is more important than focusing on and singling out individual success. 

What is one thing you would change about the club if you could?  
A club room/HQ would be good. As one of the oldest, most active, and established clubs in the country a club house would be useful to house the history of the club, to be used as a venue to host our various events/meetings/monthly competitions and training camps for the youth, as well as store equipment and offer to other Raglan community clubs/members. 

What is a club hack that you would like to share with others Board riders around the country?
Encouragement of participation rather than rewarding individual success from a single competition. Surfing culture is what brings us together, not surfing success.

Any exciting events that you have coming up?
Raglan Community Day and the King of the Single Fin 2022.


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