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Bethells Beach Boardriders

Board riders club questionnaire

Club Name? Bethells Beach Boardriders

Existing since? March 2021

Number of members? Around 60 members

Do you have a clubroom?
We don’t have a physical clubroom at present, but we have a ‘meeting up’ area on the grass at the main entrance to Bethells Beach. This is where we meet and greet members, perform any admin, and hand out rashies before heading to the main beach for the start of the session.

Volunteer shout-outs?

All our committee members, surf instructors, members of the club, and their family.

Our sponsors: Speedy Signs Penrose and Ultimate Surf & Skate.

Top surfers that have come out of your club?

None, yet the majority of members are learner groms so maybe check back in a couple of years!

Current crop of top surfers?

Being a more relaxed beach and pretty hippy most of our local surfers aren’t into the competitive

scene or the club scene.

What is it that brings your club together?

Our passionate committee members, members, and the Sunday learner’s lessons, the folks are

frothing at the chance to learn to surf and learn water safety.

The club prides itself in?

Creating a supportive community and getting the younger generation into the water, and

equipping them and their parents with the knowledge to feel confident in doing so.

What is one thing you would change about the club if you could?

We are a fairly new club, growing organically through word of mouth and our social channels.

Which means we can constantly evolve into a better version of ourselves. So there isn’t just one

thing we could change, we are always changing, we are run by a group of people always looking

to provide the best user experience to our participants in a fun, safe, and supportive environment.


What is a club hack that you would like to share with other clubs around the country?

A club is about community and building relationships and friendships over competition results. It’s great to have some top national or international competitors, it’s even greater to have fun and a supportive crew to surf with.

Any exciting events that you have coming up?

Partnering with Ultimate Surf & Skate, we will run a couple of board demo days out at the beach

over summer. Even if you’re not a member or a local you can have the chance to try some

boards for no hiring charge! As we offer a Walk-Up option that allows non-annual members

to still be able to join a session. For more information check out our form:


We are also looking at organising a few events for surfers to enjoy.

Follow us on our social media to know when we will hold these events or to find out when we confirm our Sunday learner’s sessions.

Facebook: bethellsbeachboardriders https://www.facebook.com/bethellsbeachboardriders

Instagram: Bethells.Beach.Boardriders


If a local surfer is planning to join a boardriders club, why should they choose you?

More than a club, we are a community, we wish to create memories, share, and have fun with

our members. The club’s purpose is “Providing learning opportunities for surfing and water safety

while creating a supportive community”. Our motivation is to grow and empower future

generations. So if you are reading this (local or non-local) and you are keen to be part of a fun

and supportive crew, join us now 😀

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